Round 1 DRAMA

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This weekend was the first Round of the UAE RMC. Once again, fastest in all practices, I poled qualifying with a 3 tenth lead which is a huge gap. But by the second lap of heat one a gust of wind blew the sand onto the track and I drifted for 5 meters, both missing the corner and three places. I didn’t have enough time to recover and finished fourth for heat one.

Not worried I entered Pre-Final with confidence and determination to win. After pushing behind my rival Shihab, I was in second and tried to lunge it up the inside as he break tested me. Hitting him with force my engine turned off and my drop down bumper dropped as well. After this my teamate passed me for second, but I was not done there. A lap or two later I noticed that he was not quick enough to stay behind and I passed him for second once again. Only having three laps left, I was catching Shihab but ran out of time, maybe if I had two more laps I would have won. And to add on top of that I had received a ten second penalty for hitting Shihab, now starting 10th.

Hours later we waited patiently, but became to notice that there was a huge black cloud beginning to hover over us. And by the time it was our turn to race, the rain was pouring down, and everyone was confused on what to do. But by the time we were done, everyone had spun off at least once, or hit someone else at least once and the final results were jumbled up with the faster people like me, farther back.

Luckily, the Stewarts decided to cancel all results for the race as it will not count, due to the weather. And this decision couldn’t have favoured me more…