The race was in 4 days and I had all the time in the world. Coming there on Monday, I was the only one, and as each day went by more and more people showed up. By Thursday everyone was testing and I was one of the quickest. Constantly a few tenths off Lachlan I wasn’t necessarily THE quickest. As the championship stood I was in first by 50 or so points with Lachlan and Liam behind him, so as long as I drove smart without taking too many risks I would win the championship.


As the schedule went, t

here would be a Qualy, and three heats and the average position in those three heats in which you come you start the Pre-Final the next day. Heats=40 points, Pre Final=40 points, Final=120 points.


After coming second in an uneventful Qualy, I noticed In had to start on the outside each heat, which was frustrating at first but later realised that it wasn’t so bad.


Heat 1

Completely calm we started and off the start I dropped down to third but quickly regained that place and was hunting down Liam. Luka (mechanic) signaled to me that I should pass him ASAP, which I did, and just slowly pulled away from there.

Heat 2

The plan was exactly the same, to get in front and pull away ASAP. Likewise, I dropped down into third and got in front by the 6th lap and resulted to defending for the position as they managed to follow me, but on the second to last lap, Liam tried to overtake me by braking later and overshot the corner providing the opportunity for me to undercut him. With a comfortable gap I again brought home a P1.

Heat 3

Exactly the same thing happened but this time I passed the two ahead by lap 2. With 6 laps left I just pushed as much as I could until the last lap where he was still patiently waiting behind me. Defending into every corner, I felt comfortable that I could win, but into the second to last corner he was along side me half way down the straight, giving me no time to defend. With a P2 I wasn’t quite disapointed, but took it as a learning curb for tomorrow’s race, where I would be starting in 1st.

Pre Final

For the second day I wasn’t nervous at all while every one else was trying there best to focus, which in turn just adds more pressure. The plan for this race was just to stay smart since it was a lot longer (13 laps). After getting a good start I lead for half the race until overtaken by Liam, which didn’t frustrate me at all because I had seven more laps. And after following him for 5 laps I lunged up the inside and retook position then defended for the rest of the race. Textbook.



The moment was here the decider, not that much pressure was on me but after a few interviews and a run-through of the plan I was pumped to get this started. Lights off and here we went with me leading the race for half the time (17 lap race) until overtaken by Liam. Afraid that others might be behind I looked back and was shocked to see no one in sight. It was up to me to pass him, fair and square. Around lap 13, Luka signaled to me to start getting on with it and so I did, pressuring Liam into making a mistake into the second to last corner compromising his lead! Up the inside I went as he overshot the corner and we tangled resulting in me running over him and continuing, while he retired from the race (stewards said it was an incident).

And that was it the finale was as quick as it had started, and I had won the Junior Max category of 2016-2017!!!

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