Wow, me driving a race car? Many people would think I couldn’t but this weekend I managed to finish 3rd after an eventful race day.


Race day 1

Although after the usual spins and stalls, I wasn’t that far off the pace in FP 1. Around a second off and in 8th out of 11, I wasn’t exactly estatic but was proud of my overall pace. After looking over data and reviewing lines, throttle amounts, and break pressures, I was as ready as I would ever be entering Qualifying. My goal was to get within 61 seconds, which was a plausible goal. Lap after lap I managed to hit that target placing me in 8th overall. Still a second off the pace I wasn’t discouraged but made mental plans for the first.

After doing a few warm up laps and an extra formation lap, I was anxious for my very first start. Weighing the circumstances I wasn’t that bad, and managed to drive my own race until I spun and losing two places but managed to make one more up!

Unexpectedly, the rules were that the top 8 were to rotate, meaning I was in an effective P2 which was a little nerve racking, judging by the fact that this was my second ever race and there were a bunch of experts wanting to pass me.

Nevertheless I was told to drive my own race and so I did, messing up the start and immediately dropping down to around 8th again! Still full of energy I defended as hard as I could for half the race, but was passed by a faster driver, and couldn’t manage to hang on, finishing the race in 9th.


After a night of reflection I had a good feeling about the second day. Due to regulations I was again starting in 8th, but this time managed to get a decent start! A bit rusty (not pushing the limits) since we didn’t get any practice, I was quickly caught up by another driver until he passed me but we were still neck and neck until the finish line where he barely managed to hang on. Though the good feeling hadn’t come yet, we exchanged hand shakes and complimented one another on the respectful and smart driving.

Once again with him starting first and me second I was ready for the best start of my life. As the lights went off, a MotoPark driver zoomed past me and the other local driver (P1) before the first corner. Half a lap later, a safety car deployed which lasted a few laps. But still holding position I managed to fend of a few drivers for a lap and a half until Abberdine went up my inside which forced me off the track, which in turn allowed my teamate Sean through aswell. A few laps went by and I noticed that I caught up with my past race rival, the local. I bet he thought, back for round two? The closer and closer I got, the more mistakes he made, which left him vulnerable as for one lap when he went defensive, locked up and got a bad run, which awarded me 4th place. At this moment I bet you’re wondering where did everyone else go? Well at the beginning of the race, many of the contenders crashed out in the first corner incident, as you will see in the video.

Amazed with my performance and tried to sink in all that just happened, we saw that Abberdine cut the track when he passed me which he later got a penalty for. Still questioning what just happened it turned out that I came third in my very first F4 race. With a bit of luck and speed, you will always get great results.

As the final round of the season I will have to wait another 6 months before setting foot in an F4 car again, but nonetheless I await the next karting race at Yas Marina (AGAIN)!



Next Race


Championship Standings

  • Lucas Petersson
  • Lachlan Robinson
  • Eliot Jones
  • 900
  • 831
  • 773