Day 1

30 degree heat beating down, was the Thursday I had! Apart from being the fastest with the smallest amount of laps done, I had an uncommon companion. My brother Kristoffer had joined me for the weekend, instead of my dad. Although the weather expected to be worse, I was sure I could win tomorrow.

Absolutely not agitated, I ran to the track from our hotel (wasn’t very far) and went to our regular briefing. Starting on time, the Micros, Minis and then we went out. As expected, I managed to pole it by 2 tenths per lap! Then in the heat I managed to get an amazing start and drove away. I did the same in the pre-final, but my teamate (championship rival) Lachlan, crashed out, giving me a self of steam boost. Finally in the final I got a decent start and led for half the race until I noticed Hamda (another competitor) right behind, but not close enough to pass yet. Constantly pressured, I still felt calm, and on the last lap defended and won with a maintained gap. And again Lachlan got a penalty for a drop down bumper.

What a day? I thought, while my brother exclaimed “You’re half way there!”.


Day 2

The next day my brother was too tired to get up for the briefing so I grabbed a donut, a pain au chocolat, and finally a bannana which I ate as I ran to the track again. What a productive morning? I thought.

Once again it was time for qualifying but this time it was raining! It wasn’t completely soaked but there were puddles, and they weren’t drying up! So confidently I went out first and pulled a gap, also my mechanic Luka was giving me a thumbs up. So after I was dissapointed and furious when Lachlan poled it by three thousands. Luka told me not to worry as I was more consistant.

On the heat I grabbed first in the second corner as Lachlan over shot. But one mistake I made throughout the race was that I wasn’t pushing enough, allowing other to catch up. At one point I was in 3rd but learned from Hamda and Elliot who were ahead. Still bumper to bumper I went for a lunge and force Hamda wide, making her slow down. With a gap it was up to me to finish ahead of Eliot. I did this by setting up the last corner on the last lap by going wide as he went defensive. It was a drag race to the line but I managed to win, after getting better traction out of the last corner in those wet conditions.

After congradulating Eliot on the great race I was zoned in for the Pre Final. With the everlasting rainy condition (it did dry up a bit) I was this time able to maintain a comfortable gap off the start and win without breaking a sweat.

Entering the Final I was ready for the red lights to go off until Gordon (the track manager) signaled a restart because someone had a problem. Since it was a restart I was taking it easy and at times released off of the accelerator, because we weren’t racing yet. At this point I felt a huge hit in my rear end, but had no damage. Lachlan on the other had already had a drop down bumper, which he wasn’t happy about after the race. But once again the lights went out and I won all the races in Al Forsan!

Thanks to Luka for the support!



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