Over the 9th and 10th of December, the third round of the UAE RMC took place in Al Ain over two days! The first day hosted the F1 track which is the simplest of all configurations (and my favorite), and on the second day, the International circuit had been put together, and is the hardest of all possible configurations because of all the corners, including the wretched bus stop.

Prior to the race I only had two practice sessions where as others had the whole day, therefore giving me a disadvantage. Though I wasn’t scared about the fact that I had little practice, I was worried about my overall championship.

Jumping straight into race day I was calm and collective. After an okay qualifying, I came in third. Unexpectedly a person that was not use to being in the top three poled it. With only an hour to review, we were back in our karts for Heat 1. After a bad start and a not so good setup, I wasn’t able to battle my way up, and ended up in a disappointing 5th place. But by the Pre Final, we had erased all errors and I set the fastest lap, as well as securing 4th place. The whole race day the not so good first place driver was uncatchable, so it was like he wasn’t even there. In the final I got a nice start and overtook for third place, and I signalled to the person behind me to be smart and catch my teammate ahead (2nd). But because this is a Junior category and no one is experienced he overtook me back, resulting in P2 to move farther away. Not to make the same mistake I followed P3. But as we were catching P2, my engine made a screeching noise on the straight and exploded (seized) resulting in a full days work to go down the drain.

Day 2 rolled around the corner quicker than we thought. But not discouraged about yesterday, I was ready for day 2! Qualifying was okay, I finished third again, because I didn’t have enough clear air. At least we knew that I could go faster. Still, the not so good driver was miles ahead of the rest of us. Heat 1 was underway, and 2, 3, 4 and 5 were so close that we didn’t get close enough to one another, so all of us finished in the same place, and so too in the Pre-Final. But it was the final show down between the top five drivers, in the final race. Starts were as per usual with no gain/lost places, but half way through the race was when it got interesting. Not gaining (but still behind) P2, I was constantly pressured by P4. And eventually he went for a move and overtook me. “Man, I need to get him back!” I said to myself. So a few laps later I got a good run to him and passed him in a tricky long corner, for P3. By the time the last lap board went out, I was not close to P2 anymore and P4 and P5 were hot on my tail. Defending like crazy I was of course slowed down, and AGAIN P4 passed my but hit me off into the sand because there was no room.

After the race I was furious and talked to the marshals ASAP. With the other driver denying everything, he was given a penalty, because another witness agreed with me. Not only that, the not so quick driver got disqualified because he was CHEATING! But although I ended up finishing third, my LUCKY, slow teammate finished 2nd. It bothered me a lot because he is competing with me for the championship!


Thats me: Lucas Petersson

UAE Kart Driver of 2016-2017

I took up Kart Racing at a young age. Many days were spent playing video games at home before I finally took up racing at the age of 7 years old.


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