I never really liked Al Forsan, the organisation is well made but the track itself makes no sense!
Although I dislike this track I won last year, why not do it again.
Since it was a double-header weekend, it took place on the 19th and 20th of November. Two days prior I was quickest by a comfortable gap of at least 2 tenths.
On the first race day I qualified 2nd which was surprising judging by my previous sessions. But we all knew, Denis, Lachlan and me that it was going to be close.
Denis was P1 and right off the start I moved to my right which forced him to get behind me, resulting in an easy Tony Kart one, two. And from then on I won the Pre-Final and Final with no sight of the other drivers.
One thing I always remember is that when your in first, literally everyone wants to beat you and it gets harder to maintain P1.
Again on the second day I qualified 3rd but with Denis ahead of me. But as good teammates do, we work together, and by the second corner, had Denis in 3rd. But now it was up to me to win…
Unfortunately Lachlan and I had a similar setup and I couldn’t decrease the gap in both Heatand Pre-Final which was frustrating because he was not use to being in first and he still beat me. And once again in the Final I wasn’t close enough to overtake him, but still having the same pace. Shockingly, an Energy driver was really quick and had mastered his setup and zoomed past me, and almost passed Lachlan too! But nevertheless I was proud of myself because I had driven to the best of my ability.
Though only the Pre-Final and Final count towards the championship points, I was still in first but with Lachlan only 6 points behind me…

Al Forsan 2016


  • Lucas Petersson
  • Lachlan Robinson
  • Elliot Jones
  • 237
  • 231
  • 199

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